Wanderset Breaks Down Why 2017 Feels Alot Like 92-97, And Explores The Theory That Everything Repeats Itself On A 20-25 Year Grid. 

When I was 17 I used to skip class in New Haven, CT and go hang on the green or at pubs in the Arts District a ton. I used to have conversations with bums, doctors, gangsters and Yale students alike. It expanded me. To be honest, my class cutting adventures are probably the reason I do anything I do now. It was a period of huge growth. Ironically, the hobos would say the most expansive things.

There was this one cat, who they called “Money” (the proverbial they stay giving out ironic names, fa sho’) who told me this theory about how culture in general was on a 20-25 year cycle. Music and fashion all took two decades to circle. Nothing proves Money was actually money on this concept and displays this more than where fashion and culture in general is right now.

20 years ago it was 1997. 25 years ago it was ’92. Our fashion culture dresses pinpoint 92-97. Need proof?

Kendall and Kylie are constantly dressing for the Clueless remake that will never happen.

Like, those chokers are like, SO fetch.

Kanye brought back that 1993 punk/hardcore DIY aesthetic to basically everything since Yeezus dropped. High fashion runways are clearly drawing inspiration from the Cobains, the Vedders, and what Seattle was on way before the Seahawks were playing past Christmas. In fact, high fashion is trending toward a much lower frequency in general. Hiphop got super Manson circa 97.  (See; Travis Scott)

Early 90’s Metal band T’s are being seen for the first time in 2 decades outside of Magic, The Gathering conventions, and Latrell Spreewell and Allen Iverson would be really proud of all the nimble ass braiding fingers these days.

I’ve narrowed down the Top 5 Essentials for the 20-25 year cycle revival. Shout homeless Money of New Haven, CT. This is for you, big dog.











1. Profound Aesthetic Rose Denim Jacket

Profound Aesthetic Denim Jacket

This jacket is Nirvana at Le Zenith. This shit is so crack it’s stupid. Walking a perfect fine line between grunge DIY and couture denim. It’s Seattle and Brooklyn as much as it’s Chelsea or Brixton. The intricate and delicate, yet frayed, careless, vintage patches are extra points. Rock flannel layers under this, start a garage band, live in a dump but dress like you don’t. Life goals.


2. Youth Machine Escapism White T

Youth Machine is narrative born line from the LA that is, in my humble opinion, one of the most amazing houses in upmarket anti-culture. Clearly inspired by the 90’s industrial wave, where Goths, Ravers, and Hardcore kids converged, Youth Machine has nailed all 3 in 1 with the “Escapism” text t. One word rebellious sayings were huge in the 90’s. So were baggy black hoodies. You could rock this to a Korn show, or a warehouse rave in The 9-6. Now you can rock it playing FIFA on your man’s couch, while posting a Snap, and ordering Grubhub, you little millennial you.


3. Publish Frasier Red Flannel


Another staple of the grunge movement. Flannel was everywhere in the early to mid 90’s. Layer with other flannels. Tie it around your waste to hang down the back of your frayed and ripped denim. We modded up a bit with the “no collar” look. Flannel was usually sported with a stashless goatee, bleached long hair, Vans or Cons. Temple Of The Dog soundtrack not included with the shirt.


4. FILA Classic T

LL Cool J. Nas. Pac. Aaliyiah. I haven’t even gotten into the NBA superstars that FILA outfitted and sponsored. Grant Hill, for one, was a legit icon in the mid 90s. Jerry Stackhouse declared that the City Of Brotherly Love was now spelled “FilaDelphia” from 95-98. Whether they rapped, sang, modeled or drained jumpers, they ALL rocked this 90’s staple, the Fila big logo t.


5. Profound Aesthetic Light Blue Wash Destroyed

Only AOL dial up internet, Troy Aikman Vs. Steve Young, and the Carlton Dance are more 90’s than light or medium blue ripped denim jeans. Profound ends up on this list twice like they have a time machine. Slightly updated with a finer, slimmer cut that’s far more Axl Rose than anything else.


Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for "Wander". He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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