If you’re really entrenched in the section of culture where streetwear, luxury, and progressive, creative design exist, then you may know some of these brands. If you’re not – don’t stress. We’ve got your education below.

We’ve selected only 20 of our over 100 brands, ones that we felt were still emerging, niche, or unique, that few places, physically or digitally, actually carry.  We showcased them in alphabetical order for a smooth read, and seek to introduce and elevate our readers. When we started, we didn’t want to re-do what so many other great fashion hubs already did. We wanted to Wander and bring back what we found on our adventures. With that said, Wanderset is dedicated to connecting all sections of convergence culture, and we champion the artisans and innovators.

All the lines selected have expertly crafted narratives, use premium materials and don’t believe in dumbing it down. Neither should you.

Now start learning about the greatest lines you may not have heard of yet, or rediscovering a line in a new light.

Android Homme:

Founded in 2008 by LA based creative Javier Laval, Android Homme has become the hottest footwear brand around. Laval pulls inspiration from futuristic architecture, neo-noir Sci Fi, and luxury fashion to create stellar boots and sneakers, hand made in Italy.


BLS Hafina

Founded by 2 brothers from Copenhagen, BLS, established in 2011 is a beautiful minimalistic street wear brand. Rooted in Scandinavian design, the art movement that originated in Nordic nations in 50’s that champions minimalism, functionality, and beauty in simplicity. BLS conveys this very well. The idealistic mind-set has always been to supply people with the perfect fitted and comfy products that are possible for daily wear.


Comme Des Garcons : PLAY

The spirit of Tokyo has never been more perfectly embodied than it is by PLAY By the Comme Des Garcons. PLAY was started by the house of Garcon as their luxury street wear tributary. By retaining the hand tailored, made to measure posh of CDS, and adding playful, young imagery centered on the now iconic “Heart X Eyes”, PLAY is one of the hippest lines on earth.

Days Off

“Days Off” is the ideal name for this line of chill weekend normcore wear. Beautiful serif-ed typesetting elevates the collection of sweats, t’s, hoodies and dad hats – putting a rather upmarket spin on lazy Sundays. Days Off is hip in the same way Seinfield, Weezer & taking a hung over nap is hip.

En Noir

Riding the fine line between high fashion and counter culture, El Noir is a beautiful monochromatic pallet with tinges of grunge and post-hardcore. Splashes of flash tattoo art make the entire line reminiscent of the wardrobe for Lana Del Ray’s “Tropico”, which is a beautiful thing.


The Italian sports giant is uber-dope again. Since 2013, Fila has been on an upward trajectory after 20 years of relatively cold obscurity in America. By reinventing the red, white and navy colored apparel that made them iconic in the first place, Fila is a testament to the ideology of “Everything old is new again”. Plus classic never goes out of style.

Freeman Plat

Socially conscious, vintage inspired, and wildly worldly, this brilliant line from Jeremy Salley (the creator of the Kendrick Lamar and John Wall Reebok collection, and current head of footwear for Polo Ralph Lauren) is a bit Harlem Renaissance, a bit Tokyo and a bit Kanye circa “Late Registration”.


Gucci Ghost

Renegade visualist GucciGhost has had a break thru year. From attention grabbing street art beginnings – he has been a force in this years Hiphop and fashion culture. 

The Brooklyn based snow and skateboarder turned graffiti artist is quite the elusive figure, preferring to operate in the shadows, rejecting the limelight that beckons him. One thing that is not elusive, however, is his distinct aesthetic and his influence on fashion, as he now has collaboration with legendary Italian luxury house Gucci.



Le Coq Sportif

This iconic French brand is our oldest on The Set. Founded in 1882, the line has gone thru a great many stages of evolution, while still remaining true to its nation and roots. Classic, minimalist, style conscious athletic wear with red, white and navy colorways. “The Sporting Cock” logo, derived from the Gallic Rooster, the symbol of France, is as classic as the Eiffel Tower.


Kollar is intricate, delicate, and bold and brazen at the same time. The earth tone based line features destroyed denim which looks like Mad Max rocked it, balanced out by elegant long t’s, perfect fits, and subtle dessert themed destruction.

Mr. Completely 

Mr. C is a street luxe line from LA, which grew wildly popular in 2017 with cats like The Weeknd rocking their hoodies and striped pants. Think 90’s metal meets athleisure, with a penchant for hockey inspired apparel. 



 Newline Halo

If SEAL TEAM 6 had a baby with an art gallery, it would be HALO. This “military futurism activewear” line really breaks ground, and paradigms. By really crafting and rethinking the idea of what sport wear should be, this Danish special forces inspired line is utterly amazing. The attention to both artful detail and functionality is epic. You’ll agree.



Night:Shift is truly revolutionary. Born from the minds of the founders of streetwear OG brands Asphalt Yacht Club and DGK, Night:Shift is the first line of it’s kind. It’s sleep wear, not streetwear, and fills a massive void in home goods and home and bedding décor for Gen Y. Using patterns and designs  rooted in hiphop, skate and pop culture, Night:Shift allows you to pimp your crib’s aesthetic in new, exciting ways. The “TrapLord” decor colab with A$AP Ferg is awesome.

OA : By Orjan Andersson

Designer & Founder Orjan Andersson hails from Sweden, where everything is cleaner, more minimal, and more progressive. OA creates from the perspective of social dialogue, making genderless/unisex denim with no frills, feeding both the normcore and post mod genderless waves a premium Nordic product.

Pair Of Thieves

In today’s fashion landscape, socks are becoming just as important as your kicks, and Pair Of Thieves knows this. That’s why this hip LA sock-et-boxer design house not only exists, but kills it with colorways, themes and patterns you can rock at dinner parties and grinding rails on your Stussy deck.

Profound Aesthetic

Founder Zaidi of NYC has created one of the most sought after upscale streetwear lines in the game today. Featuring looks that range from cut n sewed grunge to urban futura, Profound Co. somehow ties it all in for one streamlined, signature narrative and presentation, where the best parts of the two are cut and sewed together.





From Manchester, UK- George Heaton and his brother Michael have gone from to full fledged fashion house that uses Brit iconography to craft a brilliant narrative that is just as much trap-punk as it is Victorian. Oh yeah, they have a super cocky Instagram.




It’s legit everything you owned from the 90’s, back. It’s like visiting your parents house and looking in your old closet. See, below.

Youth Machine

If you blended the late 90’s Manson Goth era, with the industrial hard house scene, and put it in a time machine and sent it to a LA after hours party in 2017, it would be YM. It’s Machine’s ability to be anti-social, agro, sleek, and rebellious all at the same time that makes it stellar.


Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for "Wander". He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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