The Weeknd. Rae Sremmurd. Migos. Travis Scott. Cardi B. Playboi Carti. Nelly. French Montana. An olive branch performance from former rival Tory Lanez.  Drake really pulled out all the stops this year. His stage was a smaller version of Toronto’s iconic CN Towers. His presence was even bigger.


This year’s OVO Fest, Drake’s annual celebration of his label and his city’s sound and culture, wrapped up late last night in Toronto and we broke down 4 great pieces of fashion from the acts on stage, and show you exactly how to get the look, or the vibe, right here on Wanderset.


The Majid Jordan

Majid Jordan typically exists somewhere between Normcore and Lad Fashion. The track suits, baggy hoodies, plain fitted denim jackets and intricate, yet minimalist overall approach. At the show, a retro Kappa tracksuit featured. The Kappa tracksuit has been a really hot revivalist item lately, and the MJ set at OVO Fest highlighted that. Click on the Kappas we have on the above right pic to get the look.


The Drake

Drake has been known to make questionable fashion choices, but lately he’s grown into a look. The fuller beard and putting on some real size in the gym has changed his style game to more dark colors, and a rather military aesthetic. Here he rocks dark camo joggers tucked in to combat boots. Click above to cop the Sureshot Camo Joggers from Zanerobe.


The Weeknd

With the 2 superstars reuniting, patching up past differences, and announcing their long awaited OVOXO colab effort is coming, Drake and The Weeknd rocked the house. Here the Weeknd is seen rocking a stone washed blue denim jacket from Carharrt WIP. Get the look by clicking the picture.



Party typically rocks all black, with splashes and elements of industrial or military. Black skinny jeans are a staple of PND. Here he is seen in Levi’s 519 Denim and a layered look on top.


Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for "Wander". He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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