Meet one of the hottest emerging stars in the country. Surrounded by semi-automatics, pills, cohorts with neon colored dreads, lean in his fanta, Audis, and millions of plays and hits on his records that radio would never in a million years spin. He doesn’t give a fuck.

This is SmokePurpp.

The 19-year-old Miami rapper started gaining serious traction in the summer of 2016, when he dropped two videos, “WOKHARDT” and “Ski Mask,” within a month of each other. Booming production and a garbled delivery, half mumble rap and half aggro bark, lo-fi indie mixing contrasted by a love of upmarket urban luxe fashion gave way to increased attention. The recent emergence of that South Florida Soundcloud trap scene hasn’t hurt either.

SpaceGhostPurpp, Denzel Curry, Kodak Black, Pouya and XXXTENTACION are all links in the same chain that was first forged by Trick Daddy, elongated by Rick Ross, and polished to a gloss by long nights on South Beach, then stolen and pawned for bricks in the trap houses of Liberty City.

Earlier this year, Purpp signed to Alamo Records, a new venture by former 300 Ent. co-founder Todd Moscowitz under Interscope. Fashion is just as important as the actual music in the era when artists are both product and pallet, curated and reckless, and the contradiction is perfect.

Purp’s DIY presentation, 90’s internet/Geo Cities inspired aesthetic, 80’s heavy metal iconography, skate culture, and extreme gang culture has worked. It’s the right balance of all the wrong shit. It’s anti culture that embraces not believing in lines and rules.

We trainspotted the vision with Smoke Purpp, and we’re excited for the future bringing him on as a Set Member with us. Together we curated a Smoke Purpp look book of sorts, featuring really dope pieces, and awesome lifestyle images, combining the narrative of artist and fashion. Here is a taste of that capsule,

Roll one up, and hunt for the outfit that best matches the ski mask you’re saucing in on the way to smash the bando. This is the Smoke Purpp.


EN NOIR: Bleach Wash Thermal Repair Denim

Purp threw paint all over the god damn jeans like Jackson Pollock. You can rock as is, or do the same.


THRASHER Skate Mag Crew


Comes with trap-hipster Tumblr girl in pink sweater with hobo rips, dad hat, and a fake nose ring from a mall kiosk. But those cheekbones, doe.


AMPLIFIED Metallica Tour T

We know it’s not the same shirt, but it’s the same band, and that’s the point.


NEWLINE:HALO Cadet Long Sleeve




Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for “Wander”. He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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