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You Can’t Fit PERENNIAL in A Box. Meet the FAO Schwartz Of Luxecessories.

New product every season is the mantra in New England.
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PERENNIAL doesn’t want to be put in a box. Ironic for what most human’s consider a “jewelry line”, to say the least. “PRNL” takes its name seriously, and seeks to be more of a luxe-accessory FAO Schwartz than anything traditional. The one trick pony is dead in 2017. The future belongs to those who are creative and stealth enough to Carpe Diem both today, and tomorrow. The roots are in jewelry for sure, but the future will be much different. PRNL next season will not be PRNL currently. Ever. It’s a concept more companies and houses should get used to producing from.

Elise Rosenstock started out as perhaps a prototypical young Connecticut mom who aspired to design jewelry based on her love of creative construction and disparate visuals. She often created one-of-a-kind pieces for friends using high-end metals and gemstones with an amazing understanding of color, materials, and finishes. At Elise’s sister’s birthday party she connected with her sister’s friend, and the connection was synergetic. Every now and again you meet people who just get it.  This was one of those meetings.

Who Elise met was consumer brand and modern luxury company-maker Matthew I. Growney (PUMA USA, Motorola, Fabulous Brands, Wanderset, True Botanicals, Adue). Growney forewent the Pigs In a Blanket and Kendall Jackson, instead aiming for the unserved.

Regular people see shit for what it is. The ones who see shit for what it can be don’t take the Pigs In A Blanket, pal. Growney asked Elise to help redefine the accessory experience for fashion-forward men. Together, they partnered to co-design an ongoing series of men’s accessory collections focused on connecting deliberately curated natural materials with stellar craft. Additional parts of the creative process are driven by the integration of signature elements indicative of their global sourcing. Finished pieces are only handcrafted and delivered for the rugged, active, and style-hungry appetites of those who get it. It was less about the masses, more about the niches. The man who says “My market is everybody” is either Ray Kroc, or a fucking knuckle dragger who wants to re-create Myspace, and is willing to pay his community college development staff in Hot Pockets.

Growney is currently the Head Of Brands here at Wanderset, and seeks to use every season as a stage of sorts. PERENNIAL isn’t a jewelry line as much as it is a toy shop for the sartorial, the intelligent, the creative, and the forward minded. Growney plans on dropping beautifully crafted leather butcher aprons next, aimed at tattoo artists, chefs, hunter/fisherman, painters, barbers, and even bartenders who view the trade thru the lens of F. Scott Fitzgerald, not a blonde state college sophomore. “The Game Of Thrones meets Blacksmith look is really empowering right now.” says Growney.

PRNL’s Stamped leather apron first look.

As PERENNIAL grows, its vision shall remain the same: to make collections that instill comfort, confidence, and authenticity to its wearers all seasons of the year.

Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for "Wander". He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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