Boston is a fighting town. The image of the hardworking Irish Catholic Southie boy in his Red Sox cap, Celtics jersey, arms adorned in Shamrocks and celtic cross ink is culturally iconic. It’s New England’s version of Americana. If you know anyone from The Bean, you know that guy. Or, you at least know someone that does know that guy. Sam Adams brewery, a holy reverence for both trash talking Larry Bird and Whitey Bulger alike, dimly lit Pubs that open early to show Premier League matches, and a vicious hatred for the Muthafaukin’ Brawnx Baumahs are all equally real in Bashtan. 

So is boxing. The fighting Irish don’t only play in South Bend.

So it makes perfect sense for Boston bred brand YORK Athletics MFG, to embrace that fighting spirit. York was founded by Mark McGarry, who spent time at both Nike and Puma in high level positions.  As the head of Puma’s lifestyle division, which was the largest footwear leg at the company, the brand’s Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan tie-ins both fell under McGarry’s so he’s as familiar with the fashion and footwear space as say, Mayweather is in the ring, beneath the bright lights of fight night.

“Being in the Nike, Puma, big brand world for so long, it really just crystallized the opportunity for York,” McGarry said. “[The opportunity] for being a true performance brand but for more of this misfit crowd.” Couple that with the experience of Elizabeth, his wife, working for Reebok, Puma, New Balance, and Nike as well as the production experience that Kyle and Travis York (co-owners of York Athletics shoe company, which was formerly Indian Head Shoe Company) brought to the table and you’ve got a pretty much fully-realized brand.”

We love the sweet science here at Wanderset. We even ranked Boxing’s “Best Dressed” before Money Mayweather and Conor McGregor took hold of the square circle this past summer.

Boxing runs in the blood in Boston. Here’s 5 drops from YORK that befit the energy of the town, and the culmination of the Sweet Science and all of it’s culture, exists in this capsule. Whether you’re vying for a belt right now, or are just a fitness fan, you want YORK in your corner.



Amazing low top trainers, in a dark red, cherry red, and Pino Noir color way.



Nylon lined, with leather accents, secret pockets and zipper storage.



The slightly higher topped version of the red Henry at 5.



The vintage 5 panel design, this time in mesh.



Lightweight trainer with racing feel, leather, mesh, and high tech performance wear with full rubber outsole for premium heel to toe traction.


Joey A.X is a recording artist, producer, and creative entrepreneur who hails from New Haven CT who has always had an eye for fashion and culture and art. He joins The Set as the voice for "Wander". He digs vintage black leather jackets, crude humor, thin crust pizza, speakeasys, film noir, Liverpool Football Club, and doing hood rat stuff with his friends.

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