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Wanderset Politics With The Visionaries Behind The Line You Ironically Can’t Sleep On. They don’t destroy waxed denim, they don’t drop exclusive kicks for the collectors in Japan, and they don’t even get invited any NYFW after parties, let alone get a showing. So why are we about to make the outrageous claim about how this small ass, out of nowhere indie endeavor from the Left Coast could change the way fashion, as an industry, thinks? Well, because it’s true. Because every now and then, someone sees whats missing, and creates a wildly out there, yet perfect answer to not only suit a need, but blaze a trail. Meet NIGHT:SHIFT. If you haven’t heard about them before, the hour glass sand is pouring. You will. They won’t be underground for long. NIGHT:SHIFT took the heart, soul and spirit of hiphop culture, trendy counterculture & street wear, and a good many…