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Kill It At This Fall’s Wine + Cheese Party. The Definitive Style Guide For A Rad Ass Gent.

A huge aspect of developing into a grown ass man is the social. There’s no way around it. One day, your mom just stops getting calls from like, the other moms about so-and-so’s 10th birthday pizza party, and we start getting sleek little invites on foiled card stock to events at vineyards, venues and social clubs with swankier zip codes. These things go two ways. Way 1: They’re a nightmare. It’s either elitist in the “one percent” way, or the trust-fund-kids-with-beards way, and for most of us, it’s southbound and down like Kenny Powers from the jump. We can’t compete with the small talk flexing, nor do we care about stocks, prep school lacrosse, charity gallery shows, or the cold brew coffee infused craft beer that the guy who somehow looks like fucking Halsey is raving about. Way 1 can be humbling in the worst form. Way 2: Co-worker stiffs in…

DJ Five is a Real Vegas Golden Knight with Turntables and T-Shirts.

When DJ Five isn’t spinning some of the biggest celeb driven venues in Las Vegas, you can find him at the gym early in the morning or hanging out with his nephew and his parents. “This is the real Vegas- that whole Sin City shit is for tourists”. Is it a city where you can find a party at any time of day, but life can also be pretty chill and consistent. And a market on the rise in ways Bugsy Seigle couldn’t image. There is a growing indie music scene, backpack rap and skate board community, and avant-garde art. There are cool things happening now that don’t involve cliches like Joe Peschi losing his fucking shit, the Bunny Ranch, pyro-circus dinner theater, Kris Angel-ing, or blowing the 401 K at a penny slot. DJ  Five, hailing originally from LA, has been dj-ing since 15, and in recent years, has…