axl rose


Get The Look : AXL ROSE Edition

Before there was Conor McGregor, Kanye, Diddy, Marilyn Manson and fuck it, even Justin Bieber – the 2013 wild as shit pissing in the mop bucket version- there was the GOD. Axl. Axl Rose, lead singer and hotel trashing maniac frontman of Guns N Roses, was an icon. People hated him. People loved him. He loved himself and hated people. He fronted one of the best bands of all time, penning hits like “Welcome To The Jungle” that still pump dudes up to sucker punch a cop in the face at hockey games all over the world. He had his own distinct voice, style, and signature way to wreck stages and lives on a 10 year steam roll thru pop culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOXDbMne6Ek Now, as today’s pop and hiphop stars are seen frequently rocking his band (as well as other 80’s metal bands) apparel, we honor the GOAT. For without him,…

2018 Is Actually 1992. Here’s Why.

Wanderset Breaks Down Why 2017 Feels Alot Like 92-97, And Explores The Theory That Everything Repeats Itself On A 20-25 Year Grid.  When I was 17 I used to skip class in New Haven, CT and go hang on the green or at pubs in the Arts District a ton. I used to have conversations with bums, doctors, gangsters and Yale students alike. It expanded me. To be honest, my class cutting adventures are probably the reason I do anything I do now. It was a period of huge growth. Ironically, the hobos would say the most expansive things. There was this one cat, who they called “Money” (the proverbial they stay giving out ironic names, fa sho’) who told me this theory about how culture in general was on a 20-25 year cycle. Music and fashion all took two decades to circle. Nothing proves Money was actually money on…