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Dress To The 10s : The Modern Loverboy

Valentine’s Day is coming up. You have a cultural obligation to not shit the bed with the human you date. That means do the right thing like Spike Lee. That doesn’t mean your date wants to go to a Knicks game (the Knicks players don’t even want to go to a Knicks game). What it means is that whether you have that obligatory work dinner or something more adventurous on the docket (a swinger’s party? beret-laden poetry slam in which you “sample” chocolate stouts until you pass out? whatever kind of crazy you are, get it) your gear matters. Don’t give your girl an opportunity to roast you in the group text. Again we say… THE GEAR MATTERS. There’s several directions one can go. If you’re doing the swank cocktail thing in some dimly lit, low-pass-filter-looking neon-adorned grotto, we suggest the street luxe thing. Black moto skinnies from brands like Represent Clo, and anything Gucci Ghost re-imagined is the wave. Less is…

DEAD STUDIOS : The Renegades Down Under

Australia has given the State’s alot of cool shit. Sometimes we as the American populus forget Australia, or tend to at least misrepresent it. Paul Hogan may not even be in the Top 10 of the outback nation’s culturatti exports, and, realistically, and he’s the Aussie who pops in to most of our minds as the brand character for the nation. Mel Gibson in the 80’s easily makes the “Roo Export To The Yanks” highlight reel. RIP Steve Erwin. RIP Heath Ledger. They get the nod. Ledger should get a statue in the real Gotham City, if that was a thing. Sia, Kylie Minouge, Natasha Beddingfield, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, they all make the roster. The Hemsworths and Cate Blanchett have to be on the list. Baz Luhrmann, off this interview alone makes it. The 10 minute scene on the beach of “Romeo + Juliet” alone should see him…