Marilyn Manson + Lil Uzi Vert Are Dropping A Song & We Styled The Video.

The internet has been made aware. It’s officially a new era. Growing up in the 90’s – I remember Marilyn Manson was the anti-fucking-everything. He was anti pop. Anti hiphop. Anti God. Anti Hero. Anti You and Anti Me. He was the most controversial goth metal figure of the era, even taking his stage name from two iconic dual spectrum pop culture icons. One was the biggest sex symbol of all time, the other a brutal satanic serial killer. He roasted Bill O’reilly on his own show after he was blamed for causing the mass school shooting at Colombine in 99. Now, it’s 20 years removed from his wild heyday. And he’s still breaking necks with his wild card moves. This time however, it’s because his most recent single, a record entitled “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE.”- is set to feature the flavor of the moment trap rapper Lil…

#SetList : The World In Black X White

Monochromatic is timeless. It’s sleek, classic, and always goes down well. Black and white finds a way to be both minimalist and sleek, brooding and elegant, striking and withdrawn. Not to mention streetwear has been trending towards clean, minimal noir e blanco since 2015 anyway. Here are 5 pieces we love in this vein from lines like Bomb Clothing, En|Noir and more. 5. BOMB BCC TECH JACKET If Trent Reznor worked as a Tokyo police explosives specialist in the future, he would rock the hell out of this fire from BOMB Clothing. 4. COMME des GARCONs “PLAY” 000000xFFFFFF HEARTS Minimalistic pop art at it’s finest. Haring and Warhol would be overjoyed with this Comme Des Garcons piece. 3. DISORDER BY LE FIX The mock turtle neck late 90’s look is back heavily this fall, and European street wear kings Le Fix crushed it. 2. JAGGER BUTTON…