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The NEW JFK : 5 Yacht Nautical Life Inspired Pieces

Maybe it was the emergence of nautical themed mumble rap icon Lil Yachty in the past year, or maybe it was Vineyard Vines becoming the rich kid’s outfitter of choice in New England. Maybe it was a combination in just the right dose of those 2 extremes converging. Whatever the incubator for it’s resurgence, one thing is for sure. Nautical themed everything is back. It was originally made popular by Americana OG’s like John F. Kennedy, and crafted by brands like Sperry, Ralph Lauren, and Dockers in the late 50’s. Staple visual motifs included stitched anchors, crossed harpoons, sailboats, and navy flag regalia, usually atop flat pastels or lighter shades of blue. Now we’re re-launching the same classic Yacht Club Life for a new generation of Kennedy kids. Anchors away, chaps. Asphalt Yacht Club : Flag Raglan  We Love this piece. Does it look a bit like if A$AP…