#WanderSetting NYC : The Current Big Apple Look Book

As the fashion world looks to Paris in the upcoming week, we at Wanderset look to a metro that is equally as famous, but quite opposite just the same. If Paris is polish and panache, Manhattan is grit and grind. Don’t get me wrong, there is an overabundance of tres Michelin star white table cloth dining, skyscrapers that would make the Tower Of Babel feel like a cuck, and luxe fashion worn while being chauffeured in luxe cars. Maybe we’re just more brash about it here. As a product of the north east metro area, I  wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, The City is the gateway to The New World. And we all know it. It’s not that either Paris or NYC are right or wrong, in a cultural sense, it’s that NYC is just younger. It’s energy is different. There’s more pulsing and pushing, and like any little…

Here’s Lookin’ At Ariel G

Ariel G. is not a household name. Yet. Everyone in his circle pretty much is, and that says it all. He prefers to play the background, to move smoothly around the globe, leaving his vision and touch on various cities, his footprint in billions of Youtube views, and his pallet and style imitated by more unassuming people around the planet than we can count. Today one of the places he’s touching is Morocco, one of the most beautiful nations on the globe. He’s in the desert with latin superstar Daddy Yankee. If you’ve ever heard the song “Attitude” by Alien Ant Farm, you’ll know what Morocco feels like. The winding Spanish guitar riff that could charm a snake, the haunting transistor radio effect on lead singer Dryden Mitchell’s vocals, and in memorial energy is indicative of the nation’s mystique and spice. Its spacey and punchy, other-worldly and raw, surreal and…