Real Should Always Recognize REAL. Meet LOGAN REAL.

Real is a funny term. It has a shit load of variance, denotation, and meaning – culturally and colloquially. Depending on what circle you travel in, it connotes being physically tangible, the undisputed apex in what ever your “deal” happens to be, or simply not a fucking poser. Kanye seems to think it means, “last night was too lit.” (See: “N****s In Paris” –   prior to his need for sunglasses and Advil and other morning after shit.) In all of the aforementioned “realisms”, there is continuity and relevance in the case of one, Logan Real. Cuban-American designer and artist Logan Real, born and raised in Miami, Florida, was always artistic. He was artistic in that Kanye way, that “Last night was mad real.” way, that I don’t want a real job way. He always thought everything should look a bit different. He was an inventor of sorts, in the way that so…

Heart X Sole : The Sneaker Steve Story

Sneaker Steve Patino is a very influential man in footwear. You may not know his name because it’s not on the actual sneaker like a certain basketball great, but you damn sure have seen his work, wore his vision, or proudly rocked an effort of his. He’s made some massive moves that have changed the way we view fashion in general, quarterbacked collaborative efforts between skaters, rappers, luxe designers and rock stars, and it really all began with a lot of passion, and a little bit of square footage in Elmhurst Queens, NY. Picture the late 80’s/early 90’s in the city that never sleeps. Rows and rows of squalid brick housing, Chopped Cheese selling Bodegas, (if you don’t know what Chopped Cheese is, find a noose pal.) boxy BMW’s weaving lanes blasting A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang, and Gangstarr. This was back in the era when all 8…