This Is War. Here’s The Best Pieces From L.A’s ZANEROBE Camo Capsule.

Camo has become the go to pattern for 2017. From BAPE’s Summer “Tiger Camo” motif, to the overplayed hand of “Desert Storm” and “Hoth Ice Camo” seen on everything from dollar store snap backs to Euro-Luxe scarves well above a sane entry price point, it’s everywhere. L.A. street mod line ZANEROBE stuck to the roots. They forwent the crazy color ways and stuck to the ballsy original. In the city of flashing lights and loud noises, the dimly lit pub with classic is the only cornerstone. Same shit here. There’s some outside of the traditional camo pieces from ‘Robe that would fit the aforementioned alternatives, but for this, and they’re done very well, for sure. We just chose to put you up on the illest of the traditional. 1. CAMO SURESHOT JOGGER Slouchy, stretch-cotton joggers in a classic camo exude urban, lounge-ready attitude and comfort thanks to the fit-right…

#Setlist : 5 Must Have Items From LA’s Visionary RCNSTRCT

RCNSTRCT is the incredibly reimaginative line from LA fashion and culture creator Miguel Garcia. They’re best known for buying entire lots of old vintage clothing, stuff that has not seen the light of day in years, and re-designing it and re-purposing for today. From enitre US Military warehouses filled with never before touched uniforms, to old concert t’s and skateboard decks, RCNSTRCT is amazingly well created. Here’s a Top 5 #Setlist on their 2.0 visions from the West Coast. PINK OVERDYE MILITARY JACKET Take a never before worn Cold War 80’s Military jacket that’s been sitting in a troop supply warehouse for eons, then smoke a bowl and get inspired by Patch Adams fashion. Done. 2. QUEEN CHAMPIONS TOUR DYE T By taking an old 80’s concert tour t from the anals of a rock record store and stamping over it, RCNST just made YOU the champion.…