#Setlist : Top 5 Relaunched 90’s Culture Brands.

We’re in the middle of a full on 90’s revival. We took a time machine back to the golden era and dug up 5 iconic brands, and then brought back their whole revival on Wanderset. Pop in a Redman casette, roll a Backwoods, and start scrolling down. Or, if you have a time machine like us, just use it. 1. Carhartt That 90s golden era hiphop workwear shit was the golden ticket. Rappers from Nas to Gangstarr opted to look like construction workers on winter mornings. Heavy layers, wool ribbed beanies and hats and super baggy hoodies and denim outer wear was the norm. Flannel interiors, and utilitarian denim and canvas were the uniform, usually to be completed with unlaced Timberlands. Carhartt was and still is a leader in men’s hard labor workwear, and with the resurgence in 90s nostalgia- they’re back. They never really left the closets for…

#Setlist Campus Chill : 5 Must Have Sweatshirts

There are more or less two streams of college attire. Your traditional “Ivy League” stereotype is what comes to mind for some, with images of young men at Yale and Harvard, in khaki pants and deep shades of rich navy and maroon tops, button downs from Gant, and heavily stitched varsity letters. Then there’s what you actually see in dorms and halls all across the country. The Ivy’s love their idealistic postcard portrayal, but real life is alot more functional, youth driven, trend aware and chill. Hoodies will never go out of style on campus. Especially ones with the college’s name on the front in bold white varsity letters. But this season, the cult of the cool long sleeve sweatshirt is in full effect. We selected 5 “Must Have Sweatshirts” for campus life in this edition of #SetList that are exactly what you need to look like you not only know…