How The “Dad Hat” + NormCore Irony Has Taken Over.

Despite all the subcultures and the ever changing cultural trend machine that is fed equally by Milan and a teen’s seapunk Tumblr, fashion still goes only two ways in 2017. With all nuances and niches aside, it can best be categorized as loud or understated. With luxury lifestyle brands traditionally embracing the understated (because the coolest kid in the room doesn’t need to scream for attention) and street wear or counter culture brands doing the all cranked up thing (because they’re young, they’re fucking ballsy, and you know…no parents and all that) – the lines have traditionally been drawn. Enter “Dad Hats”. Worn by actual dads at youth sports games since forever, it’s become the stylish headwear of choice since December of 2016. The fashion movement “NORMCORE” is presumably what sparked the Dad Hat Revolution Of 2017. If you don’t know the term “NORMCORE” (and it’s gotta be in all…