dennis calvero


Lifestyles Of The Broke and Dangerous. CROOKS & CASTLES Is Back.

Crooks and Castles was started in the mean streets of Los Angeles in the early 2000’s. 2002 to be exact, and that makes them somewhat of an OG heritage narrative as far as the Methylphenidate fueled conveyor belt of street wear is concerned. All hail the return of the great man in the castle, we say. Napoleon has returned from his castoff island. The once championed street kings, who were the toast of Mac Miller, Diddy, Ceelo, Drake, and assorted sponsored skateboarders everywhere have reemerged with the new year’s vigor. You should have kept their seat at the cool kids lunch table warm, O ye of little faith. C&C was one of the first streetwear lines to consciously embrace a narrative and soul, a story in every capsule, and create from a place that was equal parts street and polish. In fact, founders Dennis Calvero and Rob Panlilio issued this statement on…