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Custom Supreme. Rare Yeezys, & Rabid Hypebeasts. This Was SneakerCon NYC.

The New York edition of the traveling sneaker convention SneakerCon is the show’s flagship. With upwards of 20,000 people expected to pass through the event’s entry lines, it’s now a cultural staple. It’s come a long way from its 2009 launch in a 2,000 square foot Times Square space that only hosted 600 attendees. Now, the convention boasts 13 shows a year in cities like Atlanta, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale domestically. This year’s NYC flagship event was expected to be even bigger than it’s 20,000 turn-out anticipation. It appeared as such. I attended this years event with Set Art Director and partner in childish horse shit/my Irish brother Drew McCarver, screenwriter and Wanderset guest latin culture contributor Jonathan “JayLee” Jordan, Armand “the Funeral Director” DeLuca and my old homie Mikey Nicholson, devout Liverpool fan, true hiphop head, man of the people, and the proud belt holder of “Street wear OG…

Wanderset’s COMPLEXCON Invasion 17 Recap

The Insanity that was COMPLEXCON 17 has been recapped. It’s around mid-afternoon in West Hollywood right now, and it’s finally quiet. It’s finally much, much calmer. Off the balcony, I can hear the low panned din below of the Sunset strip, dipping into the weight of it’s own peaks and valleys, in underwater Dolby surround sound. The last weekend just kicked the shit out of (Wanderset Art Director) Drew McCarver and I. But the internet never sleeps. Some cat flew back to Seoul and already uploaded some trill ass images of his cops from ComplexCon 17, and now, we have to run thru miles of content, flicks, clips, and all types of names and numbers to piece together this hot mess neon maze that was more Wonka Factory than shopping experience. We copped a bunch of exclusives only avaiable at the event, and now, only available on Wanderset. Thru out…