e skating


INBOARD’s E-Skateboards Will Turn You Into Marty McFly.

I wanted to be Marty McFly as a kid, and if you say you didn’t, you’re a lying sack of dogshit. The way he zipped around Hill Valley, California on that hover/skate/e-whatever board in the future, after inadvertently inventing the original skateboard in the mid 50’s long before Dogtown and Stacy Peralta thought about rail slides. Between the ultimate cool that was a young Michael J. – and Supreme and CCS, and The Roots and WuTang, and Sublime and no parents after school, I fell in love with real skateboarding but I never forgot the possibilities presented to be in Back To The Future. Sure, some asshole in Dubai claims to have a actual flying device like every 3 weeks on World Star. The only hover boards I’ve been on are the ones the kiosk lads at the mall sell. You know the kind, the ones that caught on fire…