Green Street Hooligans : Lad Fashion Is The UK Wave.

Like many of the urban UK subcultures before it, the concept of ‘Nu Lad’ is easy to deduce visually,  but tough to explain. While it might sound like a ‘nothing’ fad – almost a given that is as brit boy culture as hooligan firms, supporter pubs, whiskey and Guinness and a Garage & Grime music, Oasis, and stadium chants and songs. “Lad Culture” rose to prominence in the 80’s and 90’s, took a down shifted turn in the slightly more prep and polished 2000’s, but given fashion’s cyclical nature, it’s back gloriously. If you’re from the States, you may wonder what the bloody hell “Lad” fashion, or culture, even is. This video featuring some iconic scenes from the cult classic “Green Street Hooligans” should sum it up. The fashion and the vernacular, lifestyle, and experience is all important, as it paints a picture fully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAFrA7aCT3g In the states we call…

The Premier League’s Most Stylish Starting XI

The Premier League’s Best Dressed XI   Hell Yes. The Premier League is fucking back. The NFL/NBA of pro soccer returns, this year with even bigger stars, bigger plot lines and rivalries, and updated super rosters that legit read like the dream squad you’d ideally want on your FIFA 17. The sport is global, so therefore all the players are. The best ballers of every nation on the globe return to the UK and pull on their club’s jersey and get ready for the bloody battle for the Cup to ensue. From every club updating their full uniforms every year, to the tradition of turning the pregame tunnel into a fashion show, style and soccer have always gone hand in hand. With the exception of maybe Russell Westbrook in the NBA and maybe an OBJ or Cam in the NFL – the Prem by far features the most stylish…