Ben Lyons NBA All Star Game Selects

Saying Ben Lyons balls bi-coastally is an understatement. He was born and raised in the City-That-Never-Sleeps and now resides full-time to the City-That-Chills-The-Most. Los Angeles’ amazing weather, legalized pot and competitive sushi lunch culture don’t hurt its chill factor. Currently, he splits lanes between hosting a weekly show for NBA-TV / Twitter Sports called THE WARMUP, his on-air duties at ESPN-Los Angeles, and being a producer and contributor to FRANCHISE Magazine. He also hosts “Oscars All Access”, the Emmy Award-winning official live stream coverage of The Academy Awards. Somewhere in that vortex of sports and entertainment, Ben finds time for his own projects and was recently named Chief Correspondent of Derek Jeter’s new platform the Players’ Tribune. Ben’s New York roots run deep. His grandfather was legendary NY Post columnist Leonard Lyons, and his old man is Jeffery Lyons, one of the most respected film and theater critics alive. Ben’s…

The Office Offset. 5 Stellar Sneakers For The Pro.

5 Amazing Kicks That Perfectly Offset At The Office. Trends, for the most part, are fickle stupidity that most often is the product of 2 sources. Their origins are either engineered (in no small part) by a combination of corporate agenda budgets, or sprung upon us via a super obscure Tumblr tween, and the irony factor catapults them into seasonal limelight. You see, whether its an agenda or an accident, the outcome is mostly similar. They drop, they’re hot, the look or item is everywhere for a season, often embodying an era (think brands like Ed Hardy and SMET circa 2007) and then, the trend collapses into parody from the weight of it’s own exposure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8_Y7BRLuZQ Hope y’all enjoyed that trip back to the era defined by that asshat Mike “The Situation”. He was a great cat, really.  Having said all of that, some trends are excellent, and they…