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The Long Coat : Fall 2017’s Must Have Outerwear

There are a few seasonal signature items that are definitive autumn 2017 men’s wear looks. The Chelsea Boot, the Cuffed x Fitted Denim, and for sure, the Long Coat. The Long Coat, synonymous with anti-heros, film noir detectives, and european James Bond supporting characters, has been revived. We selected 5 of the dopest out now. 5. IISE Long Coat Made by South Korean street-luxe kings IISE, this jacket is really epic. It’s versatile in the sense that one can look like a sci-fi film resistance fighter, Paris Fashion Week model, or a far east streetwear king on a Stussy deck. There are no lines anymore. 4. MR. COMPLETELY LONG PARKA Utter fire from the brand that keeps giving us utter fire. Extra points for the high ninja collar. It’s less of a winter ski jacket and more of an all purpose “I’m the fucking man” jacket. 3. ADIDAS…

The 5 Most Amazing Jackets For Fall 2017 Are Here.

Autumn is a fashion wet dream. It’s ideal for layering, while still being warm enough for layers to not be a necessity. The season connotes great looking light sweaters and knits, scarfs with T shirts, destroyed denim, boots, and a slew of collegiate classics. But nothing suits fall as well as the light jacket, and this year, Bomber Jackets are life. No one does the Bomber better than New Jersey’s super innovative, wildly hip Profound Aesthetic. P.A. Has just dropped 5 of the best jacket’s we’ve ever seen. Combining the Bomber X Biker vibe with intricate Japanese inspired embroidery and needlework. Here’s your Top 5 most amazing top layers for this fall. 1. FLYING AMERICAN EAGLE BOMBER JACKET Inspired by the actual fighter pilots of the second World War, this jacket is visually stunning, and could quite possibly start a new niche of vintage patriotic streetwear. It’s that dope. …