Martavis Bryant Designs His Own Play Action Routes. And Clothes.

The Steelers are having a hell of a year. Right now, they sit firmly atop the AFC North, with the only red letter day on the schedule coming the 17th of this months against the rival Patriots. That will most likely decide the 1 seed in the AFC. A huge part of that is the “Killer B’s” – Pittsburg’s new regime that has replaced the old school, defense first, blue collar ground and pound 70’s “Steel Curtain” moniker. Ben (Rothelesberger- QB) Brown (Antonio- WR) Bell (Le’Veon Bell) and Bryant (Martavis-WR). The Steelers are flying high, and in no small part, is that due to the young man who lines up out wide, the last of the B’s, our man Martavis Bryant. Bryant hails from a sleepy southern town of under 2000 people that has only one stop light.  His high school shut down after his sophomore season and he was…

How To Dress For “THE GAME” : YALE vs. HARVARD Is Happening Tomorrow

Ahhhh, it’s that time again in the north east.  The weekend before Thanksgiving is a holiday in it’s own right in either New Haven. CT or Boston, MA. You see, the Cambridge Crimson and Old Blue & White will again meet in the oldest and most storied rivalry in American sport lore, and the insanity will ensue. It’s been a thing since programs looked like World War 1 recruitment posters. See: Below. It’s the College Game Of The Week, and a few years back, on ESPN’s College Gameday Show, this now famous sign Sharpie-ed it’s way into history on live TV. Yale pranked Harvard back in 04 with the now classic “Faux Pep Squad” prank as seen in the below video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4kai4FL0MQ Nothing is uphill from there at all, with both sides continuously stooping to epic new lows to bully and one up, rather intelligently, the other school. This is Red…