Green Street Hooligans : Lad Fashion Is The UK Wave.

Like many of the urban UK subcultures before it, the concept of ‘Nu Lad’ is easy to deduce visually,  but tough to explain. While it might sound like a ‘nothing’ fad – almost a given that is as brit boy culture as hooligan firms, supporter pubs, whiskey and Guinness and a Garage & Grime music, Oasis, and stadium chants and songs. “Lad Culture” rose to prominence in the 80’s and 90’s, took a down shifted turn in the slightly more prep and polished 2000’s, but given fashion’s cyclical nature, it’s back gloriously. If you’re from the States, you may wonder what the bloody hell “Lad” fashion, or culture, even is. This video featuring some iconic scenes from the cult classic “Green Street Hooligans” should sum it up. The fashion and the vernacular, lifestyle, and experience is all important, as it paints a picture fully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAFrA7aCT3g In the states we call…

#Setlist : Sartorial Adventure Wear For Fall

As we move into the autumn, we stop (albeit loosely) defining swim shorts as “outerwear” and start allowing the term outerwear to feel less titular, and more functional. Sweaters, knits, jackets, scarves, and the like start to rack focus (that was both a camera and shopping pun. Bravo.) for us. Recently, there’s been a movement in fashion that has begun to truly raise outerwear to new heights. It goes by many names (Adventure Wear, Tech Wear, Outdoor Couture etc.) but the overall genre is the same. For the sake of written focus and fluidity, we’ll call it “Adventure Wear”. Adventure Wear isn’t easy to plummet into headlong, but due to the minimalist, even versatile nature of the garments, there is plenty of room for growth – both as a stylistic box and personally. You can cop a pair of pants or a sweater to complement an existing wardrobe and slide…