Bladerunner Is A Fashion + Culture Game Changer.

I saw the first Bladerunner when I was 17 years old. I recently got booted out of college just 3 weeks into my first semester as a freshman (talk about triumphant moments) and the last thing I did was steal the DVD from the school’s library. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it was my version of a walk off homer in the 9th. Maybe I was angry. But if I’m honest with myself, I jacked it because the cover screamed at me. The moody smoke and shadows, the dimly lit neons ominously illuminating the skyline, the face of Indiana Jones/Han Solo/The coolest guy alive Harrison Ford holding that laser cannon like some kind of comic book vigilante just hit me. It almost made losing a soccer scholarship just fine. I knew I would love the film. I got back to my parents crib and watched it immediately.…

#Setlist : Sartorial Adventure Wear For Fall

As we move into the autumn, we stop (albeit loosely) defining swim shorts as “outerwear” and start allowing the term outerwear to feel less titular, and more functional. Sweaters, knits, jackets, scarves, and the like start to rack focus (that was both a camera and shopping pun. Bravo.) for us. Recently, there’s been a movement in fashion that has begun to truly raise outerwear to new heights. It goes by many names (Adventure Wear, Tech Wear, Outdoor Couture etc.) but the overall genre is the same. For the sake of written focus and fluidity, we’ll call it “Adventure Wear”. Adventure Wear isn’t easy to plummet into headlong, but due to the minimalist, even versatile nature of the garments, there is plenty of room for growth – both as a stylistic box and personally. You can cop a pair of pants or a sweater to complement an existing wardrobe and slide…