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The Top 5 Killer Del Toro Drops For Fall

We just wrote a full bio and intro on the homie Matthew  Chevallard. He took the concept, and embodiment of that luxe hotel Southbeach/Europe class leisure, and mixed it with some fresh ass SOHO vs LA fuck-the-corporate-streetwear shit. It’s a sartorial, high brow cultural middle finger steeze. And it’s rad as shit and just what the good doctor ordered. BURGUNDY MOROCCO HIGHTOP CHUKKA Burgundy Bottalato Leather high tops are inspired by the super hip Mediterranean nation. The motif of Camels and abstract design icons, a fresh white Margum sole, and signature Toro heel tab are leather lined, hand made right across the Med in Italy, and would be ideal for a navy blue suit. Cous Cous on these haters. BLACK VELVET CANDY SKULL SLIPPERS Day of the dead kill it in these hotel slippers that could only exist in a resort El Chapo owns and brunch is snorted,…

September #Setlist : The New Ivy League Look : Yale

The are 8 storied, historical educational institutions that make up the northeast’s “Ivy League”. Steeped in history, mystery, and, well, of course, ivy, these universities have given us not only the greatest minds from the most powerful families, but arguably the coolest fashion, in Americana. With apologies to Wanderset’s founder, the homie Greg Selkoe (who once stalked the streets of Cambridge in his crimson Harvard gear) and John F. Kennedy (who did the same but to lesser effect and social impact) I’m leading off the September Setlist “Ivy League Look” with Harvard’s most hated rival, the blue and white “Illuminati Hogwarts”, Yale. Blame it on me being from New Haven. Plus dark blue and white look super sharp together. Here’s the modern take on the Ivy traditionalism, with some really dope selections from Comme des Garcons, Publish, Android Homme, David Kind and Eton. Shop the look by clicking the image,…