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FUCK STEREOTYPES. SET PRECEDENT. Freeman Plat Does It For The Culture.

In 1964, Bob Dylan released the legendary album “The Times They Are A-Changin”. Covering topics ranging from the civil rights movement and racism, to Vietnam, to anti-establishment psychedelic culture, he spoke fluidly from the perspective of the vast gap between youth and leadership. Dylan’s capsule was highly reflective, raw, and revolutionary. Fast forward to 1971, when the late Marvin Gaye bookended the most turbulent decade when he released “What’s Goin On?” amidst the second wave of the Civil Rights struggle, the decay of a post Vietnam war American Dream, and his brilliant, haunting falsetto became the narration to an era. Since then there’s been “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” By NYC hiphop legends Public Enemy, “WAR” by U2 in the early 80’s that gave us anthems like “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and equally as brilliant soundtracks to seasons of history from Bob Marley, 2Pac, and Rage Against The Machine. This is shit I know well.…

The 5 Most Hyped Kicks This Week Are All From Freeman Plat

Freeman Plat is the heralded emerging footwear and apparel line that will not be in the “sartorial hype beast enlightened only” circle for long. The Steve Martin quote, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” applies here. The second part of that ideology, is stick to your vision, your guns, and your character. Fruition takes time, and in the era of flash-bang engineered hype, trash rappers, trend jacking skeetwear knock off lines, TMZ fodder, and over hyped vapidness, that can be frustrating.  Alas, the real shall recognize real, as the kids say. And Freeman Plat is the real. The 5 most hyped kicks on the web this week are all from the homies Jeremy Sallee and Brendan Boyd. Tinges and influences range from 30’s Harlem Renaissance Dandy, to Japanese traditionalism, to sleek athletic futura. Without further adu, Wanderset brings you Freeman Plat. FREEMAN PLAT ZIP JOGGER The classic meets…