In Defense Of Holy St. Yeezus

There hasn’t been as polarizing a figure as Kanye West in a while. Try to recall the last cat who divided debates so aggressively, who lead the market so fearlessly, and who fucked up so publically, and it was all a part of their ethos. Maybe Axl Rose. Maybe. But Axl wasn’t a fashion icon, a designer (or re-designer) of absolutely everything, and social media wasn’t yet even a thing. Shit, neither was the Internet. A few years after Axl Rose’s heyday saw the first wave of America Online. Those times and not these times. There’s always two ways to view Kanye West. If you love him, you see his vision, root for his angst and outbursts, applaud his drive, and support his relentless endeavor diving. He’s an innovator, a renaissance man, and a rebel. He is equally, and fluidly, both “Jesus Walks” and “Hey Mama” Ye, and “Yeezus”…

The 20 Year Cycle Of Fashion + Culture.

Wanderset Breaks Down Why 2017 Feels Alot Like 92-97, And Explores The Theory That Everything Repeats Itself On A 20-25 Year Grid.  When I was 17 I used to skip class in New Haven, CT and go hang on the green or at pubs in the Arts District a ton. I used to have conversations with bums, doctors, gangsters and Yale students alike. It expanded me. To be honest, my class cutting adventures are probably the reason I do anything I do now. It was a period of huge growth. Ironically, the hobos would say the most expansive things. There was this one cat, who they called “Money” (the proverbial they stay giving out ironic names, I swear) who told me this theory about how culture in general was on a 20-25 year cycle. Music and fashion all took two decades to circle. Nothing proves Money was actually money on…