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Rumble In Your Jungle With Australian Label JUNGLES JUNGLES

The term “Jungle” is one of those terms that can be implied or attached to a great many others. It serves as a prefix, suffix, or scene setter, and besides for vacations or trips the zoo, it very rarely means what Webster claims it does. Every city seems to have a jungle of it’s own. Even nations where ecosystem’s cant sustain one. Shit, the neighborhood that you can find the historic Union Station in New Haven CT is called “The Jungle”. And in December in The Jungle, it’s about 30 degrees. That right there is an environmental anomaly. No one has ever said ” It’s colder than a fucking jungle in here .”  Hell, it’s even a subgenre of house music. In this case, it’s an introduction, and a lifestyle. Oh yeah, and a clothing line that immigrated to the states and landed on Wanderset. Australian label Jungles Jungles describes…