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Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN” Style Guide Is On Wanderset. Shop The Looks Now.

Though there are still a few months left in 2017, it seems pretty clear that “DAMN” the acclaimed release from Kendrick Lamar, is among the most important albums of the year. The fans agree by metrics alone, as the record has officially clocked in 25 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts. Brands like Freeman Plat were highly influenced by this resurgence of emotional, political and social depth in a genre all but dominated by the lack of substance in recent memory. Kendrick’s reach transcended music. In honor of this feat, we at Wanderset have dropped the DAMN style guide and look book. Be humble. Shop the K Dot looks from “DAMN” now. 5. REEBOK CLASSIC CLUB C T 85’s The classic from K Dot’s collaborators at Reebok. There have been several co-dropped releases between Kendrick and the British footwear giant, but they all stem from the T…

The Sole Of Urban Renaissance Is Freeman Plat.

Every now and again, when the stars align, physical items become more than the sum of their parts. Corporate raiders can sell the office’s desks, computers, water coolers, and even cast iron fortifications for pennies on the dollar. Sure. Gordon Gekko University is still open for enrollment. But, in the rare case that the mission was never just the mammon, the picture becomes less visual, more theological, and more intangible. You can co-opt, destroy, manipulate and even kill the man. But you can’t ever kill the idea. Refer to every spirit of change from Braveheart to Detroit Red. Freeman Plat is less mammon and more mission. Even if they’ve chosen the subtle over the aggressive to convey such. Because when you’re elevated, you’re truth. The creation is pure. The influences are correct. And you never need to scream like a teen. Light begets light.  Freeman Plat is best defined by the…