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Copenhagen’s WOOD WOOD Is Fall Fire.

WoodWood, the contemporary lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark has been silently becoming the American streetwear aficionados pick of choice in the past year. In-The-Know circles have jocked the brand, and quite honestly, some suspect rips from mall chains have confirmed their vision in the space. Their vintage athletic meets progressive european minimalism has struck a perfect chord.  Dope flagship stores in Berlin, Aarhus, and Copenhagen embody and reflect the brilliant nordic minimalism thing, while still feeling a bit rebellious, a bit more haute couture, and a bit smarter than the anti-everything street lines. Wood Wood has a vision, and sticks to it’s guns- as it is still creative directed by co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, its founders grew up with street sports, graffiti, punk, and street culture in the 1990s. They mix high-end fashion, sports and streetwear with…

Green Street Hooligans : Lad Fashion Is The UK Wave.

Like many of the urban UK subcultures before it, the concept of ‘Nu Lad’ is easy to deduce visually,  but tough to explain. While it might sound like a ‘nothing’ fad – almost a given that is as brit boy culture as hooligan firms, supporter pubs, whiskey and Guinness and a Garage & Grime music, Oasis, and stadium chants and songs. “Lad Culture” rose to prominence in the 80’s and 90’s, took a down shifted turn in the slightly more prep and polished 2000’s, but given fashion’s cyclical nature, it’s back gloriously. If you’re from the States, you may wonder what the bloody hell “Lad” fashion, or culture, even is. This video featuring some iconic scenes from the cult classic “Green Street Hooligans” should sum it up. The fashion and the vernacular, lifestyle, and experience is all important, as it paints a picture fully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAFrA7aCT3g In the states we call…

Upcoming Wood Wood X Adidas Limited Colab Leaked.

We love it when two amazing brands come together on a vision. We love it even more when they are both Wanderset brands. Wood Wood, the Copenhagen based street-lux brand has joined forces with long time friend and collaboration partner Adidas for a roll out that’s releasing first at Wood Wood’s 15th Anniversary bash on Aug. 10, in Copenhagen. and then, if any product is left it will go to their physical stores in Aarhus and Berlin, and online. The much anticipated colab is based on soccer hooligan culture, and features the words “Mayhem” and “Madness” on scarves , jerseys and sneakers. Fans of both streetwear and soccer culture have been searching for pics since the rumors of the colab started. Well, here’s just some of the looks that have leaked, and they’re awesome. We love when two of our brands absolutely crush it.