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#FootwearFriday : Retro Asics Drop #Setlist

Asics are true classics. The heyday of the Asic kick was between the late 70’s to early to mid 90’s, with respect to re-release revitalization here and there. We felt it appropriate to drop this Asics retro kick #Setlist as the 90’s comes back around like the revolving door at The Max, (Which, incidentally, is a real place outside the set of “Saved By The Bell”. Check this jump out. http://www.chicagotribune.com/dining/ct-saved-by-the-bell-max-restaurant-chicago-review-story.html ) Here are some of the coolest retro Asics on The Set. 5. ASICS GEL LITE III RED X GREY We could picture LT and Phil Simms rocking these post-practice in the Meadowlands circa 89. 4. ASICS GEL SPOTLITE The most 1991 high tops ever. 3. ASICS GEL LYTE EVO If snakeskin was some how trendy on Saved By The Bell. 2. ASICS GSMs CREAM + LATTE That cafe life is too real. ASICS MEXICO DELEGATION First…

Galleria De Americana : We Hang With Miguel Garcia

Some people believe art exists well outside of frames. They believe that actual galleries are restricting, and restricted, by walls. Some people think art can only exist outside of a gallery, because the limitless expressionism flows between mediums, using raw material from the past to become the fabric of the future. Miguel Garcia is one of those people. Ironically he built a gallery too. Miguel Garcia is one of the leading fashion and culture minds and personalities in the nation. A true tastemaker with enough experience to actually appreciate taste, who dips his spoon in every bowl because the diversity of flavor is amazing-  so to speak. From streetwear, to vintage consignment, to toys, rare jewelry and more, Garcia has love for it all. But before we can arrive at who and what he is now, we need to know where he came from. He was a skateboarder put on…