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Lifestyles Of The Broke and Dangerous. CROOKS & CASTLES Is Back.

Crooks and Castles was started in the mean streets of Los Angeles in the early 2000’s. 2002 to be exact, and that makes them somewhat of an OG heritage narrative as far as the Methylphenidate fueled conveyor belt of street wear is concerned. All hail the return of the great man in the castle, we say. Napoleon has returned from his castoff island. The once championed street kings, who were the toast of Mac Miller, Diddy, Ceelo, Drake, and assorted sponsored skateboarders everywhere have reemerged with the new year’s vigor. You should have kept their seat at the cool kids lunch table warm, O ye of little faith. C&C was one of the first streetwear lines to consciously embrace a narrative and soul, a story in every capsule, and create from a place that was equal parts street and polish. In fact, founders Dennis Calvero and Rob Panlilio issued this statement on…

Welcome To NORWOOD CHAPTERS: The Exclusive Ali Saint Q Interview.

Ali Saint Q is en route to becoming the guy Dos XX should cast as the next “Most Interesting Man In The World”. His line, Norwood Chapters, is the insiders hottest ticket. The way every rappers favorite rapper is secretly Royce Da 5’9, is the way Norwood is positioned for those in the streetwear bubble. Norwood first got noticed for using the Ikea bag in the most sartorial ways possible. Then, other big dogs jacked the concept. But the cool thing about the internet is that it comes with time stamps on posts. Anyone can say what they want, my man Ali did it first. First matters. Ali and I spoke on the phone for damn near an hour the first time we talked. It wasn’t an interview, it was a barbershop culture talk. I grew up in the north east, and he in So Cal, but we spoke an…

November Lava : Wanderset x Rogue Eyewear Collab on 4 Styles of Exclusive Limited Edition Volcanic Rock Shades

Wanderset has teamed up with eyewear designer Rogue Eyewear for an all new eyewear capsule. Launching this Holiday, the Volcanic Stone Capsule collaboration consists of sunglasses made of real slate stone, ebony woods, and inspired by the natural elements of a volcano. A first of its kind, Rogue and Wanderset have developed something completely original and will be launching exclusively here. “We are very excited to be launching our first exclusive limited edition collaboration piece with Rogue Eyewear,” said Greg Selkoe, Founder and CEO of Wanderset. “Not only is Rogue functionally on the vanguard from a technical perspective, but from a design and style approach as well. Their CEO Kumar and I felt using natural elements embodied the philosophy and approach of both the Wanderset and Rogue brands. It was an emblematic way to show both companies dedication to innovative by using unique materials unused before in the sunglass world, and this…

Upcoming Wood Wood X Adidas Limited Colab Leaked.

We love it when two amazing brands come together on a vision. We love it even more when they are both Wanderset brands. Wood Wood, the Copenhagen based street-lux brand has joined forces with long time friend and collaboration partner Adidas for a roll out that’s releasing first at Wood Wood’s 15th Anniversary bash on Aug. 10, in Copenhagen. and then, if any product is left it will go to their physical stores in Aarhus and Berlin, and online. The much anticipated colab is based on soccer hooligan culture, and features the words “Mayhem” and “Madness” on scarves , jerseys and sneakers. Fans of both streetwear and soccer culture have been searching for pics since the rumors of the colab started. Well, here’s just some of the looks that have leaked, and they’re awesome. We love when two of our brands absolutely crush it.