LA DUSK Pieces By FAIRPLAY. Inspired By The Lost Angel Skyline.

FairPlay is a Los Angeles based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. While the line has it’s roots in sport, it also has it’s literal roots in the city of LA. If you’ve ever been to the City Of Angels, you know it’s dusks and sunsets, gently sliding behind the art deco neon and rising smog, are as much a part of the fabric of the city as the Dodgers, Hollywood, Skid Row and Gene Kelly’s musicals. Here’s 5 awesome pieces from FAIRPLAY that use the LA Dusk as a pallet, an inspiration, and actual fabric from the city. This one is for the coast. 5. DREXEL BOMBER This stellar jacket is burnt orange, features beautifully ribbed cuffs and bottom waste line, and 100% Poly-woven. 4. DMITRI ORANGE FLANNEL  For the rare nights in SoCal where the…

ORANGE IS THE NEW CRACK. Essential Anwar Carrots.

Orange Is The New Crack  How Anwar Carrots Grew CARROTS into a cult status. Trenton NJ’s motto is “Trenton Makes. The world takes.” For a 200 year old slogan, its proven to still be relevant, if not prophetic. You see, Anwar Taj Washington, aka “Carrots” is the coolest, most colorful thing to grow from Trenton since Dennis Rodman. His line, CARROTS, has become one of the most sought after indie jawns since 2013, and hasn’t even hit its stride yet. CARROTS is a testimonial to organic growth (no pun intended) and grew underground (ok – that was intentional) slowly but surely, garnering cult like status along the way. The pallet of the line is- you guessed it- Orange as all f word, and it’s wildly hip, straddling the line between NormCore, Athletic wear, DIY shtick, and urban culture brilliantly. There’s other colors featured in the line, and they’re primarily earth tones…