Wanderset Holiday Gift Guide: Opulent Outerwear

With the holidays getting closer and closer with each passing day, its time to get that minute shopping handled before its too late! Have no idea what to get the special man in your life? No worries because we’ve got you covered. One thing that every man needs is some dope outerwear, especially with the drastic drop in temperatures imminent. Whether the guy you’re shopping for prefers to be bundled up or if they prefer to layer a lightweight jacket with other shirts and sweaters, you’re bound to find something that’ll satisfy his fashion needs here on Wanderset. Check out some opulent outerwear that’ll keep the fashion loving man in your life warm without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Detache Labs – Cria Floral Bomber in Vanta Black Be ready for the stares and envy when rocking this statement bomber. Profound Aesthetic – Fringe Biker Jacket Zippers, fringes, and embroidery – oh…

HYPLAND Is Amazing. Here’s The 5 Top MUST HAVE Outerwear Pieces.

In the past 2 years, the brand HYPLAND has been truly garnering actual hype. And unlike most streetwear, it’s hype is backed up by excellent aesthetic, a total lack of cool kid snobbery, and use of premium product at a wildly reasonable pricepoint. Founded by 21 year old Jordan Bentley, a student at UC Irvine, Hypland was first introduced in Los Angeles but has currently been reaching all corners of the world. Hypland uses the global fusion of cultural diversity as its muse, creating a timeless aesthetic, choosing to refrain from focusing on the copycat trends that oft plague fashion, and aims to provide classic clothing that speaks to the masses, celebrates global diversity, and uses a snowboard inspired canvas to frame a young, vibrant narrative. 5. THE GOLD WORLD WIDE HOODIE 4. WORLDWIDE ANORAK (UK) 3. THE MAROON WORLDWIDE HOODIE 2 2. JAPAN POLY TECH PULL OVER 1. PANTHER FISHTAIL PARKA

Dystopian Future Anti-Hero Now Has A Uniform. This Is BOMB Clothing.

BOMB Clothing, the brainchild of Canadian designer Devon Mehle has dropped from the future. The entire line feels like if Aeon Flux, Ghost In The Shell, or Bladerunner had a mysteriously ingenious baby with anyone on OVO Sound. It’s long slim fits, utilitarian futura aesthetic, and Pavlovian techcore graphics lend themselves to wardrobe as much as style, but its’t that where streetwear, as a culture, is going? We selected the 5 hottest items from our north of the border bros, and you don’t even need to wait until 2045 to cop them. Gents, this is BOMB. Take shelter. 5. BOMB GREEN SQUAD JERSEY HOODIE Futura grid text, awesome use of sleeve mapping, and a deep militant shade of green makes this one a roster pick. 4. UTOPIA LONG FITTED T Available in both beige and black. 3. BOMB BLACK GRID HOODIE 80’s Tron signed it’s soul to Majid…