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Wander ART BASEL With Us.

Imagine loading a cannon with pastel paints and firing it all over South Beach.And those hit by the Pollock style bomb range from ascot wearing European wealth from Monaco to graffiti artists in street wear from Bushwick who clawed toegtehr change to get here. That’s Art Basel. The biggest art show in the world will be repurposing the metro of Miami as a living canvas in ways, drawing over 80,000 in just a few days to countless galleries, exhibits, installations and events that range from the Victorian to the surreal. It’s both Vatican and Valerian. It’s hip and temporary and established and stuffy. There’s a sea of indie as fuck drug addled street culture and also a brunch hosted by JP Morgan. Leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa show significant work from the masters of Modern and contemporary art, as well the new generation of…

Artist Cole Is Dr. Frankenstien Meets Warhol. Here’s Why.

The hypebeast world is just a culture compendium. Maybe compendium is the wrong word. That word suggests it’s almost a collection of similar things. The hype beast world mashes different cultures, and is equal parts hiphop, street art, high art, skate culture, and more. It’s high class and low brow all at once. It’s elite and quite open, but it all somehow works. It reflects society. It’s convergence culture in a capsule that’s far more expansive than the term capsule suggests, and can be scumbag luxe TMZ fodder and Greenwich art show catered by Wolfgang and Mario all at once. To bring all this together is what streetwear reflects. My homie Greg Selkoe calls it “Verge Culture” – crafted by the kids brought up on the internet, born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s – and progressed by it’s second wave of millennial babies. In this world the 4…