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#Wandersetting : Rep Your City In These Geo-Proud Pieces.

Who doesn’t like representing where they’re from?  As 90’s throwback becomes mod even more so in 2018, these fire drops from various lines on Wanderset are ideally on trend, and allow the wearer to rep from The A to The Bean. NEW YORK: RCNSTRCT 90’s “NY YANKEES PRO PLAYER” DUGOUT JACKET We all had these in elementary school. Well, those jerks that were lucky 90’s Yanks fans. Y’all had Jeter, Bernie and Paul O’Neil in their primes. Unreal. UNITED KINGDOM: REPRESENT BLACK “ENGLAND” HOODIE Feel like Posh Spice on match day, mates. BOSTON: SQONDER 90’s “BOSTON BIRD” VINTAGE T If you’re from New England, you know Bird was the first Brady in the north east. Rep for one of the NBA’s all time gods, and put on for the C’s. LOS ANGELES : CARROTS “LA” CREAM MENS T LA based streetwear designer Anwar Carrots…