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Check In To HOTEL 1171 With Brett Baldwin

A hotel can mean quite a few things, symbolically. In dream interpretation, especially from a spiritual sense, it can represent a traveling thru of an issue, an unsettled home life, or a longing to leave the stale state your life is in. All of that can hold weight to the dreamer. That’s the thing about dreams however, they are both intensely personal, and broadly open. They’re Lichtenstein’s Dot Matrix, as much as they’re Rothko’s broad strokes.  HOTEL 1171 is both pieces for founder Brett Baldwin. Except he doesn’t use frames. But he used to use skateboards. Baldwin, 31, grew up in Encinitas, Ca. – a beachside metro right outside of San Diego that holds a special place in skateboard folklore. It’s where Tony Hawk is from. That should be enough. But there’s so many more from the world of street sport and culture ranging from Shaun White to Danny Way, to…