The Hot Jawns: 5 Pieces Inspired by The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is known for various things: the cheesesteaks, the iconic Art Museum steps from the Rocky films, soft pretzels, and the trademark lingo like the now iconic “jawn”. When asking about the signature style in the City of Brotherly Love, responses will vary depending on where you are and who you’re talking to, but there are some pieces that you’ll see no matter you are in Philly. The pieces listed below can be worn separately with items you already have in your wardrobe, or combine all of the mentioned pieces for a killer Philly ensemble. Either way, you’ll be rockin’ some dope threads. Check out 5 pieces here on Wanderset that completely evoke the feel of Philly below. Crooks & Castles – Euro Arch Vintage Baseball Hat (Black) REPRESENT – T-Shirt – Black ADIDAS ORIGINALS – CAMO SWEATPANT HAN KJØBENHAVN – BASE JACKET Puma – Clyde Fashion Low…

New Year, New Gear: 4 Wanderset Pieces to Properly Ring in the New Year

With New Year’s only a number of days away, it’s important to start planning that New Year’s Eve outfit to drink good while looking even better. Of course, the pieces listed can be worn together as a complete ensemble, or you can purchase them separately to add to the dope pieces you already have sitting in your closet. Either way, you’ll look good, and that’s all that really matters. Right? Check out 4 pieces that need to bless your wardrobe in 2018 below. Camar – Washed Denim LS Woven Profound Aesthetic – Jet Black Denim Jeans REPRESENT – Zipped Strap Boot – Matte Black Leather Dead Studios – Perfecto Leather Jacket

God Save REPRESENT. The George Heaton Interview.

George and his brother Michael Heaton, from Manchester, UK – are flying the Union Jack much higher than most lately. Their brand, REPRESENT, is coming to Wanderset, and the line has gone from street wear t shirts, to full fledged fashion house that uses Brit iconography to craft a brilliant narrative that is just as much trap-punk as it is Victorian. I spoke with George to dive a bit deeper into the story behind Represent. I wanted to find out what made him tick, and where the inspiration and creativity sparked from. As a creative, inspiration is never ending and can stem from anywhere, and that to be, is the most interesting part. As far as culture goes, I childishly wanted to know what the coolest shit from across the pond that we may not even know about here in Trump’s Wonka Factory. Before the Brit’s get a hearty…