Sneaker Steve’s Holiday Gift Guide

Set Member Steaker Steve, the undisputed authority on kick culture, has put together the coolest must have items, according to him, this holiday season. We kick off Black Friday with his gallery. FOR THOSE WHO SIN x VANS “The Escape”  EN NOIR EN-001 COATED WASH DENIM KAPPA SWEAT HOOD WHITE PLEASURES BLUR BALL CAP COMME DES GARCONS PLAY BLACK COLOGNE

Knock Out Everything with YORK’s Lion Hearted Boxing Line.

Boston is a fighting town. The image of the hardworking Irish Catholic Southie boy in his Red Sox cap, Celtics jersey, arms adorned in Shamrocks and celtic cross ink is culturally iconic. It’s New England’s version of Americana. If you know anyone from The Bean, you know that guy. Or, you at least know someone that does know that guy. Sam Adams brewery, a holy reverence for both trash talking Larry Bird and Whitey Bulger alike, dimly lit Pubs that open early to show Premier League matches, and a vicious hatred for the Muthafaukin’ Brawnx Baumahs are all equally real in Bashtan.  So is boxing. The fighting Irish don’t only play in South Bend. So it makes perfect sense for Boston bred brand YORK Athletics MFG, to embrace that fighting spirit. York was founded by Mark McGarry, who spent time at both Nike and Puma in high level positions.  As the head of…

Nike 90’s Air Max Edition Is Back.

Nike’s Air Max changed the game for good. First released by Nike in 1987, the shoe was originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, who started out working for Nike as an architect designing shops. Hatfield also designed many of the Jordan models, and he and Phil Knight did amazing things when it was realized his architecture background could be applied to footwear. The Nike air technology was created and patented by employee M. Frank Ruddy- and the old phrase “walking on air” become more literally, and less metaphorical for good. The golden era of the Air Max was the 90’s. And now we at Wanderset re-present the most dope of this time capsule. Start cloud walking to Wu, The Fugees and Tribe in these amazing 90’s reboots from Nike’s innovative kitchen. AIR MAX LUNAR 90 If Zack Morris was a shoe. AIR MAX LITE These look like the back…

Footwear Friday : Retro Asics Drop Setlist

Asics are true classics. The heyday of the Asic kick was between the late 70’s to early to mid 90’s, with respect to re-release revitalization here and there. We felt it appropriate to drop this Asics retro kick #Setlist as the 90’s comes back around like the revolving door at The Max, Which, incidentally, is a real place outside the set of “Saved By The Bell”.  Here are some of the illest retro Asics on The Set. 5. ASICS GEL LITE III RED X GREY We could picture LT and Phil Simms rocking these post-practice in the Meadowlands circa 89. 4. ASICS GEL SPOTLITE The most 1991 high tops ever. 3. ASICS GEL LYTE EVO If snakeskin was some how trendy on Saved By The Bell. 2. ASICS GSMs CREAM + LATTE That cafe life is too real. ASICS MEXICO DELEGATION First introduced in 1966 in…