ELLESSE Throws Back On The Track Like An 80’s DJ.

Ellesse, the Italian sport wear line has stitched amazing pieces for athletes and weekend leisure seekers since 1959. In the late 70’s and 80’s, the line was rocked by everyone from European soccer stars to skiers, to tennis players, to Bronx rappers. Sure the line was Euro leaning. That’s to be expected by nature of it’s origins, but it’s reach was that of what we would associate with today’s quite global street wear scene.  The brand’s availability ranged from Barney’s in Manhattan to tiny little shops on Fairfax in LA, to the European equivalents of Casbahs, to sporting stores, and the response was equal at all addresses. Erik B and Rakim wore it proudly. Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith followed suit. So did the Nazionale di calcio Italiana.  The line had a heyday for sure. And we at Wanderset are going to extend it, bring it back, and put…

From The Pitch To The Streets. PUMA X DAILY PAPER Colab Is Fire.

Everyone on earth knows Puma. You may not know that it was founded by two brothers in Germany in the late 40’s, and when they split, one of them went on to found Adidas. You may not know they outfit more soccer clubs and sponsor more stars on more continents than their competitors. You may not know they have a dope ass new line coming out with The Weeknd either. But, as the kids say, these are #FACTZ. Out of all the stellar efforts the Bavarian athletic wear giant puts forth, the best one is one that we’re sure you haven’t explored yet. But that shouldn’t be a slight. It’s excellent. That’s why we wanted to put you on. Because you’re worth it, pal. Puma joins forces with African founded streetwear line DAILY PAPER for a capsule that draws it’s inspiration from African street soccer, commonwealth cricket, and sartorial Brit Lad…