6 PM In SoHo. We Hung With NBA Star Draymond Green At Del Toro’s Pop Up in NYC.

Every part of New York City is a labyrinth that is not only it’s own grid on an actual map, but it’s own world inside a world. If you’re not from here, you probably think all of NYC is Times Square, or more recently, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Where dudes on unicycles host Mumford & Sons look-a-like contests at conflict free coffee joints the way Nathan’s hosts hotdog eating contests. There’s far more in The Apple than that. The Village, SoHo, NoHo, The Bowery, St. Mark’s Place, Lower East Side, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea – these are the parts that had my heart from a young age. There’s a creative energy, a glitz and a fuck you grit that all intersect organically. High fashion white spaces are next to seedy porn theaters. There are iconic bars that, from first impressions, look like a homeless shelter with busted doors, project housing, methadone clinics or…

Del Toro Is The Hippest Luxe Footwear Designer On Earth. Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Del Toro is the luxury lifestyle brand based out of Miami, Florida that we at Wanderset feel you need to discover. It’s not that they’re making everything from luxe slippers with skulls and crossbones, to red quilted high tops – it’s that it all works. It’s not a reach, or far fetched, and it doesn’t come across as a “do too much to be niche” rookie brand. Del Toro is not still feeling itself out, it knows who it is, and it’s unapologetically sarcastic, and sartorial. The brand’s character is equally Euro luxury, South Beach party posh, New England Ivy League, and NYLONKONG street rebellious. At the same damn time.  And it’s all from the mind of northern-Italian born Matthew Chevallard. Originally a men’s brand, Del Toro now produces shoes and accessories for both men and women. Chevallard, President and Creative Director of the brand, was born in Torino, Italy.…