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SMOKEPURPP Is Wanderset A F.

Meet one of the hottest emerging stars in the country. Surrounded by semi-automatics, pills, cohorts with neon colored dreads, lean in his fanta, Audis, and millions of plays and hits on his records that radio would never in a million years spin. He doesn’t give a fuck. This is SmokePurpp. The 19-year-old Miami rapper started gaining serious traction in the summer of 2016, when he dropped two videos, “WOKHARDT” and “Ski Mask,” within a month of each other. Booming production and a garbled delivery, half mumble rap and half aggro bark, lo-fi indie mixing contrasted by a love of upmarket urban luxe fashion gave way to increased attention. The recent emergence of that South Florida Soundcloud trap scene hasn’t hurt either. SpaceGhostPurpp, Denzel Curry, Kodak Black, Pouya and XXXTENTACION are all links in the same chain that was first forged by Trick Daddy, elongated by Rick Ross, and polished to…

Trap Goth Is A Thing Now. Here’s The Look.

There’s an old sociology theory that state’s “Subcultures create subcultures.” It goes on to say that progressive movements have, by nature, many more tributaries than their mainstream counterparts, and therefore the progressive progress faster. Nothing exemplifies this more than Goth. If you ask a “Goth” what it means to be Goth, you’ll get a wide array of answers. It’s a lifestyle, a fashion sense, a mental state, all of the above, or something far more specific. The answers run the gamut. And Goth, maybe even more so than other subcultures, has a great many subcultures and sets within itself. There’s the classic Victorian Goth, which is best embodied by the wardrobe in most Tim Burton films. In the 90’s Goth was synonymous with anti-culture heroes like Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor, and, to a lesser extent any band that opened for Manson, Nine Inch Nails, or was nu-metal industrial. More recently,…