steph curry


It’s NBA All-Star Week. Thank the maker.

Dunks will be slammed. 3 pointers will be drained. Defense will not be played. Defense, with the exception of the occasional 90’s boo-yah block, has never been a thing on All-Star weekend. It may hypothetically win championships but it doesn’t get ratings. Out of all the changes and new concepts introduced to the game, the stop-the-drive-defensive-fundamentals-challenge is not one of them. This year, the NBA played to its strength (bankable star power), scrapped the East vs. West format, and went with Team LeBron James vs. Team Steph Curry. Brilliant pandering. Fans voted for the captains, captains Bron Bron and Steph picked their teams like it was recess kickball, and the kids got to have their cake and eat it. No one was shocked. The NBA knows that it’s 100% a super-star driven league. More so than the NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS, hoops culture has always applauded their…

Copenhagen’s WOOD WOOD Is Fall Fire.

WoodWood, the contemporary lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark (like fellow Wanderset brand BLS Hafnia) has been silently becoming the American streetwear aficionados pick of choice in the past few years. In-The-Know circles have jocked the brand, and quite honestly, some suspect rips from mall chains have confirmed their vision in the space. Their vintage athletic meets progressive european minimalism has struck a perfect chord.  Dope flagship stores in Berlin, Aarhus, and Copenhagen embody and reflect the brilliant nordic minimalism thing, while still feeling a bit rebellious, a bit more haute couture, and a bit smarter than the anti-everything street lines. Wood Wood has a vision, and sticks to it’s guns- as it is still creative directed by co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, its founders grew up with street sports, graffiti, punk, and street culture in the 1990s. They mix…