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5 Times Gucci Ghost Influenced HipHop Culture.

Gucci Ghost’s real name is Trevor Andrew , but lately crowds of people have been screaming “Gucci!!” at him in New York where ever he goes. The hype is around him is similar, and very reminiscent of the Warhol heyday on the same streets of the same city. Gucci Ghost has been the toast of both the fashion and art world this year. His work is everywhere, his signature cartoon-meets-urban style now being copied by many. Ironically he is in neither traditional fashion, nor art. He is a part of the new breed of “pop culture artists”, who mix a healthy dose of troll based satire, DIY rebellion and creative wit across mixed mediums and blend culture by not playing an instrument, but by playing the whole orchestra. The renegade visualist has had a break thru year.  He has been the darling of the moment in both hiphop and high…