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Discover 10 Must Have Pieces From Highly Secretive & Brilliant line Kollar.

KOLLAR CLOTHING ( *CALLˈER )  IS AN ART FORM RATHER THAN A PIECE OF CLOTH THAT IS WORN” So reads the first paragraph from Canadian/Slovakian clothing line Kollar. Kollar prides itself on being less streetwear, less luxury, and more sartorial modern art. Before the line was launched, countless hours were spent perfecting fit, detail, construction, and framing of each piece, be it footwear of denim, t shirt to accessory. Kollar is unapologetically funky and avant garde, while never “overdoing it”- keeping in mind that innovation is sometimes refined and simplistic. Kollar is also rather popular for being niche and hard to find, only distributing garments to handpicked boutiques that share character and lifestyle, and do not believe in overexposure or hype. Here are 10 essentials from this new hard to find, and harder to predict line from The 6/Eastern Europe. 10. KOLLAR CHELSEA BOOT  The boot has a tall height and flat toe…