Tango Hotel


The Future Of Commerce Is Narrative : Welcome To Wanderset

Since the beginning of time, humanity has progressed on the back of storytelling. Although craft and culture have morphed as humanity has, storytelling, as a concept, has not – we just find new ways to tell the story. We have lately been telling stories through technology – social platforms, content sites and now through e-commerce. Whether or not you happen to be in the digital or fashion space professionally, we are all at least peripherally aware that the traditional brick and mortar marketplace is in decline, while e-commerce continues to grow at an extravagant clip. “Despite the over $1 trillion in apparel sales transacted annually online and through mobile. Apparel e-commerce is still projected to grow globally by 40% over the next 3 years.” Fashion Industry Statistics, www.fashionunited.com, accessed on 11/13/16. What sort of new e-commerce sites will emerge to fill this space, to provide consumers with more than just…

Undercover Swagger : Must Have Underwear For Fall 2017

Since rapper’s made it dope to sag your jeans and show off the designer of your boxer briefs in the 90’s, underwear as become just as important as outerwear. Tommy Hilfiger and Polo were the go-to “sag to show” waist bands back in the day, but now alot of dope ass designers are steamrolling it. The 2 coolest underwear lines we have gave us these 5 amazing pieces. Tango Hotel, founded by Rich Hil (rapper and son of Tommy Hilfiger), Stevie Williams (skateboarder and founder of DGK) and hiphop artist turned visual artist Al-Baseer Holly, have been slaughtering this new space for street wear for TH. Their drop party featured a set by Travis Scott. Cash Warren, husband of Jessica Alba and producer and Hollywood creative in his own right, has given us Pair Of Thieves. We’re in good hands, and even better crotch support. Here’s 5 you need to…