Setlist : Essential Fall Boots

Boots are the trendiest item that never seems to go off trend, traverse south, or subside. It’s like they’re literally culturally allergic to the valleys that all “it” items eventually tumble down. Maybe it’s because they’re hyper masculine, versatile without attempting to be a Swiss Army Knife, and are the one item, save leather jackets that ride the line between rugged and sleek, aggressive and polished. Brand’s like Timberland and Android Homme show the range the boot has, from rustic to futura, and all things in between. Personally, I trend toward Android, and here’s why. But under no circumstance will I circumvent a pair of Timbs. I felt like fucking Ma$e when I got my first pair as a kid in the late 90’s.   Having said all that, here are some of the must have essentials for Autumn, the ideal season for boots. Boots are so autumn, they should all…

Marilyn Manson + Lil Uzi Vert Are Dropping A Song & We Styled The Video.

The internet has been made aware. It’s officially a new era. Growing up in the 90’s – I remember Marilyn Manson was the anti-fucking-everything. He was anti pop. Anti hiphop. Anti God. Anti Hero. Anti You and Anti Me. He was the most controversial goth metal figure of the era, even taking his stage name from two iconic dual spectrum pop culture icons. One was the biggest sex symbol of all time, the other a brutal satanic serial killer. He roasted Bill O’reilly on his own show after he was blamed for causing the mass school shooting at Colombine in 99. Now, it’s 20 years removed from his wild heyday. And he’s still breaking necks with his wild card moves. This time however, it’s because his most recent single, a record entitled “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE.”- is set to feature the flavor of the moment trap rapper Lil…