Celebrity Look Book & Style Guide : October Edition

We always look to the influencers. They wouldn’t even have that title if they’re juju didn’t somehow rub off. We are subconsciously influenced by them and their style “guides” more often than not, barring those who exclusively shop shop at WalMart. Even then, you may be influenced by Will Farrell in Talladega Nights. We at Wanderset knew that, and we aimed a bit higher. We created “Set Members” so the real influencer could be one on one with you, without their celebrity mannequins. We netted cats like Ariel G., Sneaker Steve, Andrew Weitz, and more. These guys are the reason you even see style trends emerge, or your favorite celebrity mannequins rocking what they do. We believe in the power of the man behind the curtain. For this article, we’re going back on that. We’re gunna be your plug to the middle man, the celebrity. Why? Cuz TMZ snatched the…

#Setlist : Wearing White After Labor Day

Happy “After Labor Day”, blue collar gentleman! Today, you deserve to wear no collar. You deserve to be quite allergic to collars of any color as a whole. Come to think of it, you’re better off not wearing collars. “Colors” on the other hand, are ideal. Particularly one of the most popular colors ever, White. A long time ago, some one informed you as they whispered you “couldn’t wear white after labor day”. We at Wanderset have always been rebels. Here at the Top 5 Pieces of white for after Labor Day. Go ahead and break the rules. BOMB “Team 2” HOODIE This really current tech wear hoodie is exceptional. This is for unashamedly white, but doesn’t scream summer or pre-Labor Day. Proudly rock like Diddy on a Yacht September-October. PROFOUND AESTHETIC “Birds Of Heaven” Bomber Another outerwear piece with some heft to it that would be almost…